Welcome Parents!

Change University is excited to give your son or daughter a “once-in-a-lifetime” experience that will be a priceless investment in their professional and personal development.

This is your page!  Please read it to learn about the global, social enterprise internships offered through ChangeU including program benefits; academic credit; health and safety; and program fees and budgeting. In addition, we recommend that you review the answers to our most commonly asked questions and note the ChangeU contact information in case you have other questions or concerns.

Program Benefits

Career Development

A ChangeU global internship increases your child’s chances of getting a job after they graduate from college and/or graduate or professional school. Employers commonly report that many job applicants do not have the hard and soft skills that are required for the open positions in today’s 21st-century job market. A ChangeU internship gives your child the practical and critical knowledge and skills to land that all-important, entry level position once they complete their formal education.

In addition, as more and more companies establish offices abroad, it is becoming increasingly important that your child understand their field of expertise from an international perspective.  A ChangeU global internship gives your child this unique and valuable viewpoint.

Since ChangeU partners only with global, purpose-driven organizations and companies, an internship of this nature will greatly increase your child’s chances of getting a job with another social enterprise.  After completing a ChangeU internship, your child will have developed a high-value network of social enterprise professionals who are able to offer tips for securing future jobs in the social enterprise space; to write meaningful letters of reference; and to connect your child with other social enterprise professionals.  

Putting this experience on your child’s CV/resume helps your son or daughter to stand apart from other job applicants.  After all, not many job-seekers can boast of an international internship with a company that focuses solely on solving social problems abroad.

Personal Growth

A ChangeU internship accelerates your child’s personal growth and development in ways that few other opportunities can.  As your child steps out of their comfort zone to deal with unique issues and problems, they see what they are capable of accomplishing on their own.  Overcoming challenges while living and working abroad helps your child to grow in self-confidence and to prepare them for life’s future obstacles.

As your child experiences an internship abroad, they have opportunities to confront and challenge deeply held stereotypes about unfamiliar cultures and people, and to open their minds to new foods, ideas and customs.  A ChangeU internship develops compassion in your child as they are exposed to the realities of the problems people face in other parts of the world. Working for a social enterprise allows your child to see their value in being part of the solution.  

In short, participating in a ChangeU internship provides experiences that define your child’s place and purpose in the world and establishes lifelong values and priorities.  It is this “person” that your child takes with them into the world of work and all of life and serves them well for the rest of their lives.

Academic Credit

Since many colleges and universities value the education that your child will get through a ChangeU global internship, we encourage your child to check with their school to see if they are able to earn transfer credit for this experience.  We are happy to provide any required information about the internship to facilitate this process.

Additional Program Information

Health and Safety

ChangeU is fully aware of the health and safety concerns that you as a parent have for your child.  Please know that ChangeU has taken steps to ensure your child’s well-being as they go abroad.

Before your child even steps onto the airplane to begin their internship, ChangeU makes sure that they know what to do in their new location in case of an emergency.  Upon arrival at your child’s internship location, they will be picked up by our social enterprise partner and taken to their accommodation. During weekdays, your child is secure and safe with their social enterprise.  Of course, we ask that your child use good judgement and common sense when travelling alone.

ChangeU provides you and your child with important contact information that can be used throughout your child’s entire internship experience.  Our professionally trained leadership team is on call 24/7 to provide high-quality care and assistance.

Program Fees & Start Dates

See our program fees here

Once we accept your child as an Impact Intern, they will be required to make an initial deposit of $800 within 7 days to secure their place in the program.  Although this deposit is nonrefundable if they quit the program, it will be returned if they are not placed with a social enterprise that meets their satisfaction. The deposit secures your child’s place with the ChangeU program and allows us to begin the matching process with our social enterprise partners.

The complete program fee is due within 21 days of being placed with a social enterprise and after your child has agreed by signed statement that they are satisfied with this placement.  

Spending While On Internship

Airport pickup and dropoff fees and housing costs are covered by our social enterprise partner. Beyond that, your child is responsible for expenses incurred during the time of the internship including food, transportation and for extracurricular activities such as travel and social/cultural events.

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