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Why An Internship

Companies around the world are looking to hire university graduates with skill sets that match their needs.  The importance of doing an internship cannot be overstated in terms of you securing a job in the short-run and enhancing your future career development in the long term.  By participating in an internship, you can:

  • “Try on” a field of interest such as healthcare; education, entrepreneurship, etc. before committing to a full-time job in one of these areas
  • Learn valuable “hard” skills such as coding; data mining; market research; search engine optimization; website creation, and the like that may be required of entry level jobs in your chosen career field
  • Acquire critical “soft” skills such as communication; teamwork; critical thinking; leadership, etc. that employers say many job applicants lack and prevent them from getting hired
  • Build up your CV/resume in a way that sets you apart from others in the job applicant pool
  • Develop a high-value network of professionals who are able to offer you important job/career advice; references; and contacts to secure future jobs

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Why a Global Internship

Professional Experience

With more and more companies becoming global, it is important to understand what your career is like on an international scale.  This is especially true with careers associated with social enterprises since the problems that these impact-driven organizations strive to solve exist in every part of the world.


Personal Development

All internships have the potential of helping you grow and develop on a personal level.  However, participating in a global internship accelerates that growth as you are naturally pushed out of your comfort zone when working and living in a foreign culture.  Believe us when we say that the personal development you will experience as a result of stretching yourself in an unfamiliar, global environment will serve you throughout your lifetime.  


Cultural Immersion

A global internship provides you with a uniquely authentic, cultural experience.  As you participate in social and cultural events, you are able to challenge your deeply embedded stereotypes by appreciating and understanding people who may be very different from yourself. Engaging with your environment in this way is also exciting and great fun!

In addition, a global internship gives you the opportunity to learn or improve your foreign language skills which increases your employability in jobs where the foreign language is valued or required.

Why a CHANGEU Global Internship

ChangeU internships are unique in that they provide an opportunity for you to work with impact-driven companies that are committed to changing the world.  In addition, many of these internships are located in remote parts of the world, places you would not know exist unless they were introduced to you through a ChangeU internship.

As an Impact Intern, you are supervised by purpose-driven managers who have developed a team dedicated to the social mission of their organization.  Living and working with your new colleagues is easy and enjoyable because of their infectious enthusiasm for helping people and changing the world. A ChangeU internship has the potential to ChangeU forever, and that’s a good thing.