Intern Opportunity in South Africa: Digital Strategy

Volunteer Opportunity in South Africa

Location:  Johannesburg, South Africa;

Company/Organization Type:  For-Profit;


Offer unique services that enable impact, activism and innovation sectors to meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).  (Learn about SDG’s:

Start Date:  Summer 2019

Length of Internship:  12 weeks

Tasks/Activities:  Setting up systems and processes for a local digital strategy

Skills That Will Be Learned:

  • Marketing for social enterprise
  • Co-working and community building
  • Working in emerging markets and with multiple stakeholders
  • Marketing and segmentation of a complex business model

Skills/Expertise Desired:

  • Strong digital marketing and analytics skills
  • Strong strategic skills

Desired Accomplishments by End of Internship:

  • Set-up of a digital strategy and high-level process for the organization (including analytics and SEO)

Personal Qualities Desired:

  • Open minded; able to work without judgment in a multi-cultural, multi-racial, feminist, LGBTQ+, etc. space
  • Good listener
  • Hard worker
  • Strategic/critical thinker
  • Positive, collaborative team player

Prior Experience Required:  Digital marketing and strategy

Language other than English Required:  No

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