Intern Process

First Things First 

Before you click on the “Apply” button, make sure that you check out the many exciting ChangeU internship program possibilities.  As you do, we recommend that you ask yourself two important questions:

1) What type of social enterprise are you interested in (healthcare, tech, education; environment, etc;)? and

2) In what part of the world would you like to help make an impact?  Once you’ve asked yourself these two questions, buckle up and let your impact journey begin!

STEP 1: Apply to be an Impact Intern

Becoming an Impact Intern is an easy, pain-free process.  First, fill out the application by clicking on the “Apply Now” button.  Each field needs to be completed in order for the application to be considered. We recommend that you update your CV/resume before attaching it to your application.  

Second, once you complete the application, go to our online calendar to set up an interview appointment with a ChangeU admission representative.

STEP 2: Interview with ChangeU

The 20 minute Skype/phone interview gives us the opportunity to get to know you in a way that is not possible by merely filling out an application.  In the interview, you will have the opportunity to elaborate more fully on the type and location of your desired internship; your career goals; the skills you would like to learn; your motivations, and the like.  We welcome your questions as well. Our best recommendation: Be yourself and try to enjoy the interview process!

STEP 3: Impact Intern or Not?

We will inform you within 1-2 business days after the interview if you have been accepted as an Impact Intern. If accepted, you will be required to make a $800 deposit within seven (7) days to secure your place in our program. Although the deposit is nonrefundable if you quit the program, it will be returned to you if you are not placed with a social enterprise that meets your satisfaction.  Once accepted as an Impact Intern, congratulate yourself, shout, scream and let all your family and friends in on the good news!

STEP 4: Match with Social Enterprise

ChangeU will take the information from your application and interview and match you with one of our carefully vetted, social enterprise partners. Your acceptance by the enterprise and clarification of your internship role will be communicated by email and generally occurs 4-8 weeks before beginning your internship. Once your internship start date and other details are confirmed, we encourage you to find the closest mountaintop; scream and shout (once again), and then quickly book a flight to your new and exciting internship destination.

STEP 5: Payment

The complete program fee is due within 21 days of being placed with one of our social enterprise partners and after you have agreed by signed statement that you are satisfied with this placement.