Intern Opportunity in Ghana: Digital/Social Media Strategy

Volunteer Opportunity in Ghana

Location: Accra/Kumasi, Ghana;

Company/Organization Type:  For-Profit;

Description of Accra:

Ghana’s beating heart probably won’t inspire love letters, but you might just grow to like it. The capital’s hot, sticky streets are perfumed with sweat, fumes and yesterday’s cooking oil. Like balloons waiting to be burst, clouds of dirty humidity linger above stalls selling mangoes, banku (fermented maize meal) and rice.

The city’s tendrils reach out towards the beach, the center, and the west, each one a different Ghanaian experience. The city doesn’t have any heavy-hitting sights like Cape Coast or Elmina but it does have good shopping, excellent nightlife and definitely the best selection of eating options in Ghana.

Description of Kumasi:

Once the capital of the rich and powerful Ashanti kingdom, Ghana’s second city is still dripping with Ashanti traditions. Its heart, the huge Kejetia market, throbs like a traditional talking drum and its wares spill into the city so that no matter where you are in Kumasi, it sometimes feels like one enormous marketplace.  Kumasi has some interesting sights, and in comparison to Accra or Tamale, you’ll likely feel a pleasant drop in temperature.

Mission:  Help smallholder farmers to become successful entrepreneurs

Start Date:  Summer 2019

Length of Internship:  24 weeks (negotiable)


Those related to the improvement of our company’s digital and social media presence

Skills That Will Be Learned:

  • Content creation and market targeting
  • ICT for agriculture and development insights
  • Research

Skills/Expertise Desired:

  • Interest and prior experience in agriculture, ICT, or financial technology
  • Self-starter who is effective working both independently and as part of a team
  • Experience in communications, marketing, or advertising
  • Previous experience living and/or working in the developing world
  • Cross-cultural communication skills
  • Openness to Ghanaian culture and willingness to embrace cross-cultural differences

Desired Accomplishments by End of Internship:

  • Success Metrics
  • Increased content engagement on all media platforms including social media – especially LinkedIn
  • Increased lead generation as a result of engagement from relevant content
  • At least one case study highlighting how our company’s technology services were used to impact the lives of small-scale farmers globally and also advance the work of B2B client and partners
  • Social media visibility framework – a strategy that outlines how/when our company should be pushing content on social media
  • Multiple marketing campaigns to attract further visibility
  • An updated content bank that can expedite funding application and partnership proposals

Personal Qualities Desired:

  • Ability to work well with a team of young enthusiastic individuals
  • Smart
  • Easily adapts to change (environmental, social)
  • FUN

Prior Experience Required:  Social media marketing and management

Language other than English Required:  No

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