Intern Opportunity in Amsterdam: Market Research/Grant Writer

Volunteer Opportunity in Amsterdam

Company/Organization Type:  Nonprofit


Empower all groups of society by empowering every human being with important tools for their own sustainability

Start Date:  No preference

Length of Internship:  8 weeks


Our organization is expanding to the Netherlands with just one member of the organization (CEO). The Netherlands is a new market and we will have the intern going to the Netherlands and being supported by the all team in Portugal.  We look forward to the intern offering a new, fresh approach to our organization in the Netherlands.

Skills That Will Be Learned:

  • Write proposals and apply for grants
  • Prepare meetings and negotiate
  • Write budgets
  • Organize and analyze market research about refugees and migration
  • Develop project management design tools

Skills/Expertise Desired:

  • Basic excel skills (at a minimum)
  • Good written and spoken English
  • Some interest in emotional intelligence
  • Knowledge about migration and refugees issues preferred

Desired Accomplishments by End of Internship:

By the end of his internship we would like the intern to have finalized (along with the CEO) a good analysis about refugees and migration in the Netherlands

Personal Qualities Desired:

  • Extreme curiosity
  • Interest in and curious about research
  • Autonomous
  • Warm heart
  • Organized

Prior Experience Required:  No

Language other than English Required:  No

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