Intern and EIR Opportunity in Long Beach, CA: Marketing/Business Modeling

Volunteer Opportunity in Long Beach, CA

Company/Organization Type:  Nonprofit


  • Facilitate the self-directed achievement of people with all forms of blindness
  • Increase public awareness about the strengths and capabilities of blind people

Start Date:  As soon as possible

Length of Internship:  12-16 weeks


Development of strategies for marketing, promoting, resource development, social networking, business modeling and implementation

Skills/Expertise Desired:

  • Marketing/promotion
  • Social networking
  • Funding platforms (possibly crowd funding and sponsorships)
  • Business and revenue modeling
  • Impact measurement

Desired Accomplishments by End of Internship:

Development of foundations of an effective marketing/promotion and resource development strategy

Personal Qualities Desired:

  • Works well with others
  • Flexible and adaptable
  • Knowledgeable

Prior Experience Required:  

  • Expertise in marketing and revenue modeling, particularly in niche or “non-mainstream” arenas such as disability concerns
  • Disability knowledge not required, but expertise in addressing marketing needs of minority concerns helpful

Language other than English Required:  

No, although German proficiency would be useful

Additional Information:

The organization has an extremely effective product the results of which have received a great deal of international acclaim and validation.  However, since the development of a sustainable marketing and revenue strategy has been very challenging, the organization is open to any support in this regard.

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