For Social Enterprises

Welcome Social Enterprises!

The mission of Change University is to help nurture and support the growth of your social enterprise by providing you with the personnel you need during key times in the life of your enterprise.  Whether you need basic help for all those labor-intensive projects that no one else has time for, or you require expert assistance with strategic planning to enhance the profitability, productivity and efficiency of your enterprise’s operations, ChangeU would like to help.

Intern and Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR) Descriptions

ChangeU specializes in matching the needs of your social enterprise with quality interns and entrepreneurs-in-residence (EIRs) who help meet those needs. A ChangeU intern is typically a college, graduate or professional student or recent graduate who performs basic tasks such as data entry; online research; social media marketing, and the like.  Some interns have developed sophisticated skills and knowledge through formal education coursework and/or part-time employment and are able to provide advanced-level support.

A ChangeU EIR is an individual who has multiple skills and/or expertise in one or more business areas as a result of significant previous experience and employment.  EIRs leverage their talents and knowledge to impact your social enterprise in a variety of ways including:

  • Offer deep domain expertise in an area of thematic interest to your enterprise
  • Engage new relevant stakeholders and networks
  • Work on building new business ideas and lead product initiatives
  • Conduct industry research and prepare investor presentations
  • Break down a problem into components and manage solving it
  • Train, coach and mentor employees to think more entrepreneurially
  • Advise the CEO on financial planning, budgeting, cash flow, and policy matters

And much, much more!

ChangeU interns and EIRs are individuals who believe in the work of social enterprises and are willing to give of their time to help you accomplish your mission.  They come from all over the world and have participated in an extensive application vetting process so that you can be assured that you are getting the quality help that your enterprise needs.  

Program Description

The length of time that a ChangeU intern or EIR works with you varies from weeks to months, depending on the needs of your enterprise and the availability of the volunteer.  Although your interns and EIRs are volunteers (yay, free labor!), we ask that you provide housing for your volunteer for the duration of their time with you. But that’s it; other work-related costs such as airfare; visa fees; food; and local transportation are the responsibility of your volunteer.  

Securing an intern or EIR through ChangeU is an easy process.  You tell us what type of volunteer would best meet the needs of your enterprise by completing the Social Enterprise Partner Profile Form (button below) and we find that ideal person for you.  Our goal is to match you with responsible and hard-working interns and EIRs who have the skills, talents and motivations to help your social enterprise grow and develop.

We hope that we can add you to the growing list of ChangeU social enterprise partners who benefit from the invaluable help that our interns and EIRs provide.