EIR: The Whys

Why Become An Entrepreneur-In-Residence

There are many good reasons to become an entrepreneur-in-residence (EIR) but maybe the most basic one is to help an organization or company accomplish its primary business goals and objectives.  Just like people, companies operate at different stages of development beginning with the initial stage of creating a business plan; to start-up; to growth; to expansion; and finally to maturity.  As they focus on growing, companies sometimes lack the resources to help them move from one stage to the next. This is where you come in.

As an EIR, you possess a unique set of skills and talents that help a company get from one stage to the next.  Although your services are generally needed only for a relatively short period of time, your expertise is invaluable in helping the company grow, develop and mature.  

Why An Entrepreneur-In-Residence with a Global Company

On a professional level, working as an entrepreneur-in-residence with a global company allows you the opportunity to observe business practices from an international perspective.  If your EIR position is in the same area of interest and expertise as your full-time job, you may learn some novel ideas and key implementation strategies that you can take back and apply in your full-time position.

On a personal level, taking on an EIR role with a global company gives you the chance to live in another part of the world and become embedded in a foreign culture.  As you participate in local social and cultural events, you are able to challenge your deeply embedded stereotypes by appreciating and understanding people who may be very different from yourself.  In addition, you can learn a foreign language and take side-trips to explore your new destination. Engaging with your environment in this way is exciting and great fun!

Why a CHANGEU Global Entrepreneur-In-Residence

Entrepreneur-in-residence positions with global social enterprises are rare to non-existent.  ChangeU is unique in that we provide EIR opportunities only with purpose-driven enterprises from around the globe, including some in remote parts of the world.

When you assume an EIR role through ChangeU, you learn how a social enterprise operates and how it strives to make a difference in the world.  As you share your skills and talents, you become integral to the growth and development and scalability of the enterprise and you experience something that is rare these days:  meaning and purpose in the work that you do.

You are privileged to work alongside a team of passionate people who are dedicated to the mission of the enterprise and it is easy to get caught up in their enthusiasm, positivity, and hopefulness.  You readily recognize that this is not a “typical” work setting but one that daily fills you with enjoyment and gratification. These “salt of the earth” individuals not only become your new professional network but also long-lasting, cherished friends.

In short, working as a ChangeU EIR is an experience of a lifetime.  Enough said.