EIR Program Fees

Program Fees

Once accepted as an EIR by ChangeU, you will be required to make a $800 deposit within seven (7) days of acceptance to secure your place in the program. Although this deposit is nonrefundable if you quit the program, it will be returned to you if you are not satisfied with your placement. The deposit saves you a spot in the ChangeU program and allows us to begin the matching process with our social enterprise partners. The complete program fee is due within 21 days of being placed with a social enterprise and after you have agreed (by signed statement) that you are satisfied with this placement. Additional payment details can be found on our “Fees page”.

Spending while on location

Airport pickup and dropoff fees and housing costs are covered by our social enterprise partners.  Beyond that, you are responsible for expenses incurred as an EIR including food, transportation and  extracurricular activities such as travel and social/cultural events.


Many EIR’s find that their living costs are lower during their time away, which helps to make the experience more affordable. Accommodation and utilities are included in the program fee, and remaining expenses (such as food, entertainment, haircuts, etc.) sometimes cost less in our EIR destinations than they would in your home country.

Numbeo publishes a “cost of living index” which can help you compare cost levels in your city with our destination cities. For further cost-saving advice, see our tips on “How to not spend all your money while living abroad“.