EIR Overview


Social enterprises are often in need of seasoned professionals with specialized skills and knowledge to assist them in their growth and development.  ChangeU looks forward to matching your expertise and experience with the needs of these social enterprises. Think of us as career development matchmakers who strive to connect you with the ideal social enterprise in need of your services.

ChangeU Entrepreneur-in-Residence Benefits

Social enterprises are not the only ones who benefit when you become a ChangeU EIR.  There are many meaningful and long-lasting benefits for you as well, benefits that may ChangeU forever.  

Make an impact with your skills and expertise

Social enterprises are all about helping people by solving social problems.

When you share your specialized skills and expertise as a ChangeU EIR, you make a positive and enduring impact on the world and, at the same time, create meaning and purpose in your own life.  

Add variety in your career

You may have worked in the same or similar job for several years and find that you want and need a new challenge.  As a ChangeU EIR, you are able to try something new and different and yes, even exciting, in your career. A ChangeU EIR is just the ticket for you to mix it up a bit in your career development.

Learn more about social enterprises

A ChangeU EIR position gives you the opportunity to see how it feels to work for a social enterprise with the thought that you might want to work for a social enterprise in the future. The knowledge and skills you acquire from working in a social enterprise is oftentimes a prerequisite for getting hired by another social enterprise and will serve you well in the 21st-century job market.

Acquire skills and knowledge that are unique to social enterprises

A ChangeU EIR experience gives you the opportunity to supplement your current skills and expertise with new and different competencies that are unique to social enterprises and which you can integrate into your current and future professional work.  These unique set of skills also look good on your CV/resume when you apply for future jobs.

Develop a New Network of Professionals/Friends

When you become a ChangeU EIR, you work with a group of passionate and committed individuals who become your new network of professionals.

Think of them as a  loyal “band of brothers and sisters” who are eager to share information with you on how to obtain jobs in the social enterprise space; to provide you with invaluable references for future job applications; and, oh yes, maybe even to hire you!  Wouldn’t that be great!

Live and Work in Another Part of the World

A nice perk of becoming a ChangeU EIR is that you get to live and work in another part of the world.  This means you get exposed to and become embedded in another culture in a way that is not possible by merely taking a two or three week holiday in the same location.  In other words, you experience what it is like to be a local in your ChangeU EIR destination.

Personal Growth

As you live and work in a different culture, you begin to appreciate the behavior, values, and customs of people who are very different from you.

You see the world in new ways and find yourself being open to new ideas and possibilities.  In addition, dealing with foreign and novel situations can help you stretch your ingenuity; creativity; and problem-solving skills. The confidence and personal growth that occurs will serve you well for the rest of your life.  

Safety and Support

Because your health and safety is a high priority for us, ChangeU places you with social enterprises that value your well-being as much as we do.  You will be happy to know that our social enterprise partner is your support system throughout your EIR experience.

On weekdays, you are safe and sound with the staff in your work environment.  On weekend free times, you are equally taken care of as your well-travelled team often wants to embark on fun, local excursions and activities with you.  When you venture off on your own, they become helpful advisors by providing you with tips on the safe and not-so-safe places to visit, and by offering sage recommendations for navigating the community they know so well.

Your new work colleagues help you navigate your unfamiliar surroundings by recommending local food markets; restaurants; convenience stores; banking centers; fun and interesting places to visit and the like.  In addition to the support provided to you by your social enterprise team, ChangeU also offers 24/7 emergency support by providing you with important contact information found here.

To state the obvious, it is important that you take precautions when traveling abroad to ensure your safety and well-being.  Some useful advice can be found here.

Travel and Housing

Upon arriving at your destination, you are picked up by our social enterprise partner and taken to your accommodation.  Your accommodation is in a safe area and is provided to you by your host enterprise. Types of accommodations vary by program and include private and shared rooms with local families and in dormitories and apartments in the community.

At the conclusion of your entrepreneur-in-residence experience, our social enterprise partner makes sure you get back to the airport for your return home.  Chances are good that you and your new mates will hesitate to say good-bye, but, alas, all good things must come to an end.