EIR Opportunity in Madrid: Marketing/Growth Hacking

Volunteer Opportunity in Madrid

Company/Organization Type:  For-Profit

Mission:  Democratize access to entrepreneurship support

Start Date:  No preference

Length of Internship:  No preference


We are at a critical point in our growth curve, after having achieved the product-market fit and having supported 500 teams of entrepreneurs over 2.5 years, we are ready to scale. This EIR would be a critical person in that “getting ready to scale project”, helping us amplify our reach by supporting our growth hacking team and also getting into our operational processes to keep growing while making our community of entrepreneurs and mentors happier

Skills/Expertise Desired:

We would like to work with someone with a background in marketing, growth hacking, data science or sales. Our ideal EIR has a good knowledge of entrepreneurship ecosystems and the journey of an entrepreneur. A strategist, but ready to get his hands dirty and use trial & error. Someone analytical and at ease with data, who enjoys using data to make strategic decisions. A problem-solver. Proficiency in Spanish a plus, but not a deal-breaker.

Desired Accomplishments by End of Internship:

  • Applied new growth hacking techniques to reach many more global entrepreneurs and mentors
  • Reached conclusions on the ideal business model of our in-house incubation programs
  • Helped our operations department get ready to scale (processes, efficiency, data tracking, tangible results)

Personal Qualities Desired:

We would like to work with someone who shares our company values of empathy, initiative, and resilience and who truly believes in our mission: making sure any entrepreneur in the world has access to the opportunities they need to grow. We are a young, international (US, Spain, France, Germany, Portugal, and India), hardworking and mission-driven team who strongly believes we are making a difference and we can achieve systemic change in how entrepreneurs access opportunities.

We like working with individuals with the following qualities:

  • A proactive person with a “can do” mentality and a goal-oriented work style
  • Empathic
  • Very well organized
  • Great prioritization and focusing skills with a belief in 80/20
  • Passion for work and desire to keep learning
  • Not easily overwhelmed or stuck in a  planning mode
  • An intrapreneur that makes things happen and always thinks big
  • Comfortable working outside of your comfort zone

Prior Experience Required:  Be an entrepreneur

Language other than English Required:  No

Additional Information:

We are convinced that people are the differentiating factor in the success of any company and we believe that talent is more than just knowledge. It is expressed in attitudes and abilities to relate with teams and peoples.

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