EIR Opportunity in Orlando, FL: Android Development, Django and Python

Volunteer Opportunity in Orlando, FL

Company/Organization Type:  For-Profit

Mission:  Empower people with disabilities through technology

Start Date:  As soon as possible

Length of Internship:  16 weeks


We have a need for workers with expertise in Android development, Django and Python. Also, any knowledge of Machine Learning and/or Natural Language Processing is very welcome. We are also partnering with MIT and Worcester Polytechnic Institute in these two areas.

Skills/Expertise Desired:

  • Android development
  • Django
  • Python

Desired Accomplishments by End of Internship:

We have some very specific tasks related to programming as well as researching in Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. For example, one of the tasks may include the training of a new Machine Learning module that helps people with disabilities to communicate faster. Depending on the time available of the EIR we can give him/her a more complex task that will require more time.

Personal Qualities Desired:

We value people who are self-motivated and can work with a minimum of supervision. People with a deep commitment to help the community (especially people with disabilities) are very welcome as well!

Prior Experience Required:  

Not Required but these preferred:  Android, web development, Python, Django, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing

Language other than English Required:  No

Additional Information:

We need people willing to take on challenges related to the communication and learning of people with disabilities. So, a person who is compassionate about the situation of people with disabilities is very welcome for us.

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