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African social entrepreneurship offers answers to gaps in youth employment

Young Africans hold immense untapped potential, write Amma Sefa-Dedeh Lartey and Fiona Munezero Buchanan of Reach for Change Africa, a non-profit organization that invests in innovative, early-stage social entrepreneurs. This isn’t the first time it’s been said, and it surely won’t be the last. As the International Day of Youth was celebrated around the world once […]

Social enterprises in Africa rise to new challenges

As the Enterprise Africa Summit begins in Accra, Ghana, we take a look at a trio of inspiring social entrepreneurs who are developing resilient solutions to some of Africa’s challenges. The vital role that enterprise plays in the development of African countries will be explored at the Enterprise Africa Summit in Accra, Ghana this week. Three days of talks between […]

Ways You Can Afford to Do an Unpaid Internship

You’ve just found the perfect internship that you know will provide just the right experience that you need to get a job in your chosen field after graduation. You have a place to stay and the internship offers a chance to get hands-on experience working with some very knowledgeable and well-respected professionals in the field. […]

Why Internship Experience Is More Important Than Ever

College students need to balance work, friends, family, and assignments. It can be easy to overlook the critical importance of getting great internship experience. However, in today’s competitive economy, it is crucial that students make an internship a top priority. If you have a relevant internship displayed on your resume, it will give you a competitive advantage […]

5 Reasons You Should Hire an Intern — and 3 Reasons You Shouldn’t

Your startup or growing company has a tight budget. You’re hoping to get a lot done but only have a few employees. Has the thought of hiring an intern — or several interns — ever crossed your mind? These benefits of hiring interns might persuade you to start an internship program: A new perspective on […]

Internships Abroad Provide Enormous Value to Students

When applying for an internship abroad it is important to first identify your learning objectives and then ask yourself honestly, “Why am I interested in interning abroad?” Just thinking about doing an internship abroad is exciting but it is the learning that takes place and the importance of being immersed in another culture that will […]

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How to Make the Most of an Intern

When I was in college, I was addicted to internships and being an intern. I interned at Disney World, Make-A-Wish and the Today show. I loved the feeling that I was in the real world and doing something for more than just a grade. Once I started my business, I was eager to hire interns who were […]

Entrepreneur in Residence

What Is an Entrepreneur in Residence and Why You Need One

Entrepreneurs in Residence were once found mostly at venture capital firms, but the role has expanded and you can now find them at a variety of companies — including tech companies. But what exactly does one do? The role of Entrepreneur in Residence, or EiR, has never been well-understood. That wasn’t a big deal in […]

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Top Skills Professionals Need for Workplace Success

What does it mean to be a professional? What skills do professionals need to have? A professional is someone who possesses specialized knowledge, often in addition to having completed some focused academic preparation (such as high school or college or technical classes) for their career. Teachers, contractors, IT workers, and employees from countless other industries are […]

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7 ways your mindset is derailing your career — and how to change it

Some of the most successful people in business have had to overcome serious hurdles to define their futures. Steve Jobs was humiliated and felt pessimistic about his future after he was fired from Apple, the company he co-founded. Hip-hop titan and judge of ABC’s “Shark Tank” Daymond John, who had worked hard to escape poverty, hit a […]